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Expertise in combustion, savings in thermal and electrical energy.


Combustion improvements

Our trainings:

Performance in energy efficiency

- Furnaces operating parameters analysis;
- Flue gas analysis from furnaces and burners;
- Furnaces and burners optimal adjustments;
- More efficient burners proposal;
- Heat recovery system implantation;
- Combustion intensification methods application.

- Basics of Industrial Combustion;
- Energy savings in production site;
- Energy management;
- Fundamentals of glass wool manufacturing;
- Fundamentals of stone wool manufacturing.

- Energy audit and energy consulting;
- Development, administration and implementation of the energy efficiency program;
- Implementation of the Energy Management System (ISO 50001);
- Proposal and analysis of KPI performance indicators;
- Management of WCM projects (World Class Manufacturing).

Our customers are companies in the glass production, ceramics and refractory industry, aluminum, steel and petrochemicals.

Our know-how is based on 3 pillars: combustion, training and industrial performance.

Our engineers specialize in  energy, combustion and thermal efficiency.

Our expertise:

Our mission:

Our mission is to help our industrial customers in energy performance improuvements of their production sites.

Our team:

Our team of experts can handle all stages of a project, from theoretical study and design to commissioning, including investments calculation, project management and training.

Our clients:

Our services

Our expertise

Burners for idustrial furnaces

gallery/alu melt

We can make furnaces and burners full diagnosis and, if necessary, adjust the richness of the mixture and the power of the flame.

Submerged combustion melter


New technology for silicates melting and waste recycling.

  • Burners are installed on the bottom of furnace;
  • Bubbles of flame pass through the melt;
  • Fusion and mixing process very intense;
  • High melting rate - 20 T/day/ m2;
  • Can operate in Start-and-Stop mode.

Mini and micro burnes

gallery/mini burner
gallery/multi burner

To heat very locally, or if the shape of the heating zone is very complex.

Submerged burners

gallery/fusion subm

Applications: water heating, glass and rocks melting, waste incineration.

Burners for glass wool and stone wool fiberizers

gallery/glass burner

Our clients:

Aluminum foundries.

gallery/alu maint

Operator of industrial glass furnaces.

gallery/unit melter
gallery/four verre2
gallery/four verre01
gallery/four verre1

Glass wool and stone wool production plants.

gallery/glass stream
gallery/fileuse 2
gallery/stone melt

Our partners:


Termo Nord Stream - Russian company - Manufacturer of innovative recuperators.

We offer heat recovery systems for combustion air preheating.

gallery/zio krom

Our services:
- Staff training:

  • Basics of Industrial Combustion;
  • furnaces operating principles for aluminum melting ;
  • burners optimal settings for casting molds heating ;
  • furnaces and burners fumes chemical analysis and measurements interpretation.

After training, savings on gas and electricity bills are possible - 5 to 7%;
- Recuperators installation for combustion air heating - potential of gas saving 20-25%;
- Installation of aluminum ingots preheating system with hot air from furnaces - potential gas saving is 10% and furnace productivity increasing ;
- Choice of optimal burners for molds heating - saves gas and electricity by 10 to 15%;

Hotwork International AG

Hot Work International - Swiss company - expert in Melting and Combustion Technologies.

Hotwork International AG

Glass Industry, Aluminum Industry, Boilers, Cement Indystry, Chemical Industry, Incinerators, Nonferrous Metals ans Steel Industry.

Our services:
- Staff training:

  • Basics of Industrial Combustion;
  • Basics of industrial heat transfer and heat insulation;
  • combustion and furnace efficiency calculations;
  • oxyfuel combustion;
  • NOx in industrial furnaces;
  • burners with low NOx emissions;
  • combustion modeling;
  • furnaces and burners fumes chemical analysis and measurements interpretation.

Staff training can improve safety, productivity and products quality.
- Furnace benchmarking;
- Combustion adjustment;
- Choice of optimal burners;
- Choice of heat recovery system.

Our services:
- Staff training:

  • Basics of Industrial Combustion;
  • Basics of glass wool production;
  • Basics of rock wool production;
  • furnaces and burners fumes chemical analysis and measurements interpretation.

Staff training can improve safety, productivity and products quality.
- Replacement of used recuperators for CO treatment system (Enetex) - saving from 30 to 40%;
- Modification of existing fiberizing machines for "cold fiberizing" of glass wool - fiber quality improves and allows gas savings of 10 to 15%;
- Modification of REX fiberizers for rock wool for "hot drawing" - gives a longer and more resistant fiber;
- Submerged burner furnace installation - increase the line capacity, costs reduction because of coke economy and no briquettes waste recicling, costs reduction in gas economy and fumes treatment.